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Safety is our #1 Priority.

Our Green Process

sfa_ecolabel_UL Ecologo_edited.png

UL Ecologo® Products

  1. Scientifically tested & approved

  2. Compliant with third-party environmental standards

  3. Recognized by Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly Program

  4. Products have undergone exhaustive auditing

EPA Safer Choice Label

  1. Ingredients have been approved by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Scientists

  2. Products are safe for human health and the environment

  3. Program reduces, eliminates, & prevents pollution at its source


Green Cleaning advantages

  1. Improved air quality

  2. Child & Pet friendly

  3. Healthier home

  4. Reduced exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals

  5. Non-toxic & biodegradable supplies

The stunning cityscape of Miami, where we proudly deliver high-quality cleaning services across various neighborhoods
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